Playtech is one of the most popular iGaming studios in the online world, and with this slot they take us on a trip to Ancient Greece. You can witness first hand the epic struggle between the Titans and their children, who would go on to become Gods of Olympus. The slot follows the basic 3-line 5-reel format, with 25 selectable paylines and a very flexible betting range. The bonus free spins you can get are presented in an innovative format with very good potential for winnings.
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Battle of the Gods Slot Review – Olympus Awaits You!

Play Battle of the Gods Slot!

Slot Rating:

  • Graphics:.
  • Theme:.
  • Features:.

Overall Score:4.5/5

Unique Features:

  • Free Spins
  • Titan and God Modes
  • Wild Rewards

Basic Info: 5 reels, 25 Adjustable Paylines, 10,000x Max Win

In this review, you can read everything that we found about Battle of the Gods during our playthroughs. We try to collect only relevant information, so you can find the RTP, the betting range and the bonus system. Of course, as per our usual policy we have also provided a free demo version for you to sample personally – after all, your tastes might differ a little bit! If you are not fully convinced that this is the right slot for you, you can find some alternative suggestions in the final paragraph of this review, so hopefully one of them will turn out to be what you are looking for!

Play Battle of the Gods for Free!

That’s right, spin away – it’s a free version! Before you read more about the technical details and the expected returns of this slot, you should take a look at our demo game. The graphics and the overall feeling are important, so it is best to check out the game yourself and see whether you enjoy it. Just be careful and don’t use up all your luck – you will need it when you start playing for real money!

Battle of the Gods Slot Review – Olympus Awaits You!

Instant play

If you have enjoyed the demo version, then you should definitely try the real thing. Slot games simply don’t work that well when you are not spinning for real money – after all, nothing can replace the thrill of the win when you hear the KA-CHING sound! We’d recommend you try the game at the Mansion casino. Out of our recommended casinos featuring this Playtech title, this is the highest-rated operator. This casino is ideal for high-rollers, since they can be quite liberal with the maximum bet limits that they have in place.

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Battle of the Gods Overview

Battle of the Gods takes place in Ancient Greece, at the time when the Titans would be toppled by their children, who would then go on to become Gods of Olympus. You get your usual 5-reel, 3-line format, with 25 paylines that can be individually selected. The interface would be well-familiar to fans of Playtech slots. You have an auto-play option that allows you to set a betting limit and a pre-determined number of spins; you can also skip the spin animation by pushing a stop button, which allows faster playthroughs. The bonus here are some tasty free spins, but there is an interesting twist – more on that in a sec.

Paytable: What Are Your Winning Combinations?

As already mentioned, the theme of the game is mythological. However, many of the familiar Greek faces are absent, as Zeus and Poseidon are the most well-known gods taking part in this slot. You get Hestia and ancient Uranus, while on the side of the Titans we can see Chronos, Atlas, Rea and other names that you would rarely meet outside of the Greek Literature class. This slot doesn’t feature any generic symbols, so the reels can look a little overcrowded at times. You also have scatter and wild symbols, which give you bonus payouts in addition to their special effects. The wilds replace any other symbol in the paylines, while the scatters can trigger the bonus free spins.

Battle of the Gods Slot Review – Olympus Awaits You!

  • Advantages:
  • Playtech Game
  • Mythology Theme
  • No Generic Symbols
  • 25 Adjustable Paylines
  • Wild Payouts
  • Scatter Payouts
  • Disadvantages:
  • Reels Can Get Cluttered
  • Weak Visual Effects
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With 25 paylines, you have quite a flexible betting range here. You could go as low as 1 pence if you desire, while the maximum bet depends on the venue where you go to play. In some casinos, this slot would be ideal for high-rollers, since the bet limit can reach £50 per line. The jackpot is worth 10,000x your total bet, but the true highlight is the free spin feature. If you manage to nab a lucky streak, the free spins could go on for quite a while.

The Divine Bonuses

The scatter symbols in this slot trigger the free spin mode of the game. You need to land three of those anywhere on the reels. Nothing unusual so far – but this game does offer you endless spins! This may sound implausible, but the free spins are launched in the aptly-named God Mode. During this stage, there is no limit to the number of free spins. Things only start to go bad when you land the Chronos symbol on the 3rd reel. The King of Titans switches the bonus round to Titan mode – in Titan Mode, you only have 8 free spins in total and they are cumulative.

  • Battle of the Gods Slot Review – Olympus Awaits You!

    Gods Mode Free Spins

  • Battle of the Gods Slot Review – Olympus Awaits You!

    Wilds Help You Win

  • Battle of the Gods Slot Review – Olympus Awaits You!

    Fully Mobile Compatible

The good news is that you could switch back to Gods Mode at any time if you land another Chronos symbol in the middle. This means that you can hope for very long free-spin streaks. The bonus round ends after the last Titan free spin has been played. When you have played through a total of 8 Titan mode free spins, you switch back to the main game. As you may well know, waiting for a 3rd scatter is a hellish experience in any slot, so the bonus feature does not trigger as often as we would like, but the potential payoffs here are pretty high, so it’s more than worth it.

Battle of the Gods on the Go?

As most other Playtech slots, Battle of the Gods is fully compatible with your phone. You can play it on the go from a mobile or a tablet. The interface has been remastered in the usual Playtech style, so the controls are perfect for a touchscreen. You still have all the options that the desktop version offers, so no problems there. The performance is smooth and fast, and this gets one of the better grades for mobile compatibility. The only issue is that the cluttering problem we mentioned earlier is more pronounced on a smaller screen.

Our Final Verdict

Battle of the Gods is one of the better slots out there, but it has its flaws and comes a little short of what it could be. There is also some serious competition running a similar theme. Hot as Hades is a quirky Microgaming title that turns its attention to the most-ignored of Zeus’ brothers, Hades (who also made an excellent villain in the classic Hercules movie). IGT’s Golden Goddess meanwhile takes a more… genteel approach to matters. Coincidentally, both slots also offer an improved RTP rate compared to Battle of the Gods. However, the go-to slot you should turn your attention to is without a doubt the Age of the Gods. The famous title is another Playtech product, but it has shown much better results than Battle of the Gods.

Hot as Hades

  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Powered by:Microgaming
  • Play at:Betway

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Golden Goddess

  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Powered by:IGT
  • Play at:LeoVegas

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Age of the Gods

  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Powered by:Playtech
  • Play at:Ladbrokes

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Of course, don’t let those shiny alternatives take the attention off Battle of the Gods. The game holds its own thanks to the bonus round, which can be very profitable and skews the RTP in our favour. Of course, you need a little bit of luck to take advantage out of it – but the same goes for any slot. The battle lines are drawn, and even if you are a Titan fan, you should hope that Chronos stays away during the Gods mode free spins!

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